Phoenix Waters Productions


About us

Our Purpose: To tell stories that enrich the mind and create meaningful social change in the process.


Phoenix Waters Productions is a Film and TV Production Company developing stories which engage, entertain, and galvanise audiences across the globe through immersive storytelling which sheds light on prescient issues to enact social change.


Mission: Our aim is to tell high concept, high quality tales within various genres that challenge the current norm, developing stories which go beyond the limits of our imagination as well as tackle subjects close to home, and to accomplish our goals in a cost-efficient manner.

We Make Movies That Matter

Our stories have a global appeal, taking audiences on unique journeys that open your eyes and reach the very core of your heart. Exploring important issues within an array of genres we aim to entertain and educate with the aim to eradicate the problems which plague society today.


Our stories are designed to entertain, taking viewers on a roller-coaster of emotional heights providing thrills, laughter, frights, and tears. From earth-shattering dramas to high-octane thrillers, we act as the purveyor of unforgettable tales.


We enact positive social change, developing stories that inspire action in an effort to tackle the core issues facing us all. Our movies and shows are just the first step we take towards a more enriching society.


We take audiences to another world within our own, shedding light on the marginalized and exploring topical issues today. From gender perception to racism, gang violence to terrorism, we aim to both delight and inform.


Our high-concept, low-budget approach retains the highest standards of quality enabling us to develop more stories for less. The team’s track record of innovation is game-changing for how we tell our stories proves as exciting as the stories we choose to tell.