Who are we?

About Phoenix Waters Productions

Phoenix Waters Productions is a dynamic film and television production company with a strong focus on creating high-concept productions that centre on Asia while having global appeal. With offices in both Hong Kong and the UK, the company aims to support the Hong Kong film industry and build bridges between the East and West through powerful storytelling that transcends boundaries, and partnerships with top talent and content creators from both sides of the world.

Since its establishment in 2015, Phoenix Waters Productions has been committed to producing top-quality projects across a range of genres, from suspense thrillers to romantic dramas. The company’s goal is to develop and produce stories that surpass the limits of imagination and resonate with audiences worldwide.

As part of its mission to support the Hong Kong film industry, Phoenix Waters Productions has created a Hong Kong entity to help revitalize this vital part of the region’s cultural landscape. By bringing together key talent from both the East and West, the company aims to create a new era of collaboration that will benefit the film industry in Hong Kong and beyond.

Some of the company’s most notable projects to date include a Hong Kong remake of Richard Linklater’s TIFF & Sundance hit TAPE, international suspense thriller THE AUDITION, and award-winning romantic drama THE ESCORT. In addition to these feature films, Phoenix Waters Productions has also expanded to series, including Hong Kong crime drama FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST.

With an eye towards the future, Phoenix Waters Productions is currently working on several exciting new projects, including CHUNGKING MANSIONS, which is set to be Hong Kong’s biggest zombie film in history. Featuring an international cast, this project promises to be a landmark achievement in the history of Asian cinema.

At Phoenix Waters Productions, our commitment to storytelling excellence is matched only by our dedication to supporting the film industry in Hong Kong and beyond. We believe that by creating compelling, engaging content that brings together audiences from all over the world, we can help to foster greater understanding and collaboration between East and West, while also creating unforgettable cinematic experiences that will stand the test of time.

Our Mission

Our aim is to tell high concept, high quality tales within various genres that challenge the current norm, developing stories which go beyond the limits of our imagination as well as tackle subjects close to home, and to accomplish our goals in a manner that can unite audiences wherever they may be. 

Our Vision

To create immersive stories for Film and Television which engage, entertain, and galvanise audiences across the globe through immersive storytelling dealing with universal themes.

Our Values

ENTERTAIN: Love movies with a passion and only tell stories that can ignite that spark. Never venture from the audience’s shoes.

BE BOLD: Never shy away from a great story.

INNOVATE: When presenting a tale take the most interesting route. Treat the story as the star.

QUALITY: Aspire for perfection with the stories we tell and how we tell them. Greatness is only our first milestone.

IMPACTFUL: Craft unforgettable tales that overwhelm audiences emotionally and spur social change meaningfully.

EFFICIENT: Make every penny show onscreen. Stretch every cent without ever sacrificing on quality.

STEWARDSHIP: Tell stories that can ignite positive change, and practice what we preach. Support local communities and be the role model that others may follow.

DIVERSITY: Represent our community at every level from the talent onscreen to the crew behind it, and the partners who support our ventures.

About Bizhan Tong

Bizhan Tong is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Waters Productions. With a Maths degree from Manchester University and an MBA at the University of Liverpool, Tong’s background is in both film production and finance with a keen interest in philanthropy.
Tong spends his time between the UK and Hong Kong and has partnered with film companies across the globe in an effort to bring local Asian stories to global audiences in collaboration with various partners including ATV, Hong Kong’s oldest broadcaster, where he teamed with as its Executive Producer to spearhead the creative direction of the studio.

Having won awards for his feature directorial debut THE ESCORT, Tong has since filmed international suspense thriller THE AUDITION and created Hong Kong crime series FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST about a psychologist who interviews criminals to assess whether they are mentally fit to stand trial, in a series which explores the intersection between mental health and criminal behavior. He recently wrapped filming a Hong Kong remake of Oscar nominee Richard Linklater’s Sundance hit TAPE, and produced horror comedy MURDER BALLADS.

His upcoming projects include tech drama series CRYPTO KEEPERS, bank robbery thriller HOSTAGE CRISIS, and CHUNGKING MANSIONS Hong Kong’s biggest zombie film in history which features an international cast, among other projects some of which have yet to be announced.
Tong intends to use his background and expertise to fuse the analytical and creative in an effort to tell powerful stories for a global audience with the goal of forming bridges between the East and West, while ensuring our fiscal responsibilities are met.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to speaking to investors, discussing new projects, forming collaborative opportunities, and supporting others with their goals.